The Three Poles Company

Our goal is to deliver Mountain climbing and Polar ski expeditions with the highest quality and safety. We have carefully selected specific trips that reflect the specialty of our staff so that we can offer refined, small team expeditions to a select number of clients.

Mountain Professionals is built on a foundation of extensive guiding and personal adventures on every continent. From all the seven summits to the highest 8000 meter peaks, record polar firsts to multiple North and South Pole ski expeditions. We invite you to join us on one of our refined adventures.

Expedition Locations

EverestNorth PoleSouth PoleManusluKilimanjaroAconcaguaDenaliVinsonElbrusCarstensz PyramidMountaineering CoursePolar Training Course

Upcoming Trips:

Aconcagua Expeditions
Carstensz Pyramid - 100% Team Summits

Latest News:

Kilimanjaro Trip Video Check it out!

Everest Spring 2015 Confirmed - Trip Start March 2015

Orizaba Trip Video

Denali Spring 2015 - Limited Space! Contact us now for info on 2015.

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